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Susan G. Cohen helps her clients in Family Law, Divorce Law and Employment Law.  She also advises Small Businesses about their needs.  Based in Sacramento, Susan Cohen has more than twenty-five years of experience in the Superior Courts and Federal Courts in the major counties from the San Francisco Bay Area through Sacramento County.  She has practiced in  San Francisco, Sacramento County, Solano County, Yolo County and Napa County, as well as Santa Clara County and San Mateo County, since she was admitted to the practice of law in California. Please read her profile to get to know her better.

I understand the stress you may feel from in your family law or employment law case

Susan Cohen understands the stress you may feel, both in family law and in employment law matters. She can help you find solutions that work for you, and your family. Her firm motto is:

Courage, Justice and Compassion

  • Family and Divorce Law: Changes in your family life can be challenging for all those involved.  Whether you are pursuing separation, experiencing domestic violence, or facing divorce, you need a Family Law attorney who can provide you with understanding, support and caring representation.  Susan Cohen also handles Paternity cases, and cases involving unmarried couples.  She is committed to answering your questions as her office guides you through the Family Court Hearings and Family Court Services processes. During your Family Law or Divorce case, you need a compassionate attorney to advocate for your best interests and your children’s best interests.  Susan Cohen has the skill and experience to help you through your Family Court case, whether it is a separation, a divorce, or a paternity case. She can also help you in post-judgment proceedings to modify or enforce court orders or judgments.  Susan Cohen works with parties in traditional marriages, and she also helps people who are not married to their domestic partner.  She has represented Gay and Lesbian people, as well as straight people in domestic relations cases.  Susan Cohen will work with you to respect your needs, your family values, and your religious values.  She is able to help you at every stage of your Family Court case.


  • California is a Community Property State.  Therefore each party to a marriage, both the husband and the wife, have an equal undivided interest in all of the property, assets and debts acquired during the marriage which are acquired as community property assets or debts.  Each party to the marriage is responsible for the community debts incurred during the marriage.  Susan Cohen can help you identify all of the assets each party to the marriage acquired during the marriage, and whether those assets were acquired as community property, or are the separate property of one of the spouses.  She can help you make sure that you receive your share of the marital property.  Recent changes in California and Federal Law extend the same rights to same-sex couples as straight couples have historically had under California law.  But since California Family Law, and Federal law have undergone large changes in recent years, you need to be sure that your lawyer is up to date on the current state of controlling California and Federal cases, and recent statutory changes in the law.  In her years of practicing Family Law, Susan Cohen has represented wives who were kept in the dark by their husbands about what property and debts the parties had acquired during the marriage.  Many women do not know that they have rights to a fair and equal division of all assets acquired as community property during their marriage.  Many women do not understand that both parties to a marriage have equal rights to make decisions about marital assets and debts, and that each partner in a marriage has a fiduciary duty to share information about property and debts with the other spouse. Since there have been major changes in both California and Federal law affecting marriage, and marital property rights during the last few years, it is important that you choose a lawyer who will research the current law that applies to your case.  Susan Cohen can help you be sure to identify all of the property in your marriage that is community property, and she can help you receive your full share of the community property of the marriage.


  • Preliminary Declarations of Disclosure in California Marriage Dissolution Law.  In California, married couples going through a divorce or legal separation are required to make Full Disclosure to each other about all of the property and assets acquired during the marriage, and all of the community debts.  Each party in a divorce case is required to prepare and serve on the other party a set of documents known as the Preliminary Declaration of Disclosure.  Parties to a divorce case or legal separation case are each required to provide information  to the other party about any property that the party claims is separate property, either acquired before the marriage or acquired as separate property during the marriage.  Since California Family Law provides that the parties in a divorce or legal separation are usually entitled to receive an equal share of community property assets and debts, the first step towards making a fair and equal division of the community property assets and debts of the marriage is for each party to provide information to the other party identifying what he or she believes to be the community and separate property assets that each of them owns.


  • Challenges for Domestic Partners and Same Sex Couples.  Within the last few years, courts in California and the Federal Courts have recognized that same sex couples can marry, just as straight couples can marry.  But we are still only beginning to understand how this important change in the rights of Gay and Lesbian couples to marry is going to affect the ownership of assets by Gay or Lesbian couples, especially as to property acquired before these new changes in the law have come into effect.  Susan Cohen can help you understand these legal issues as they relate to your marriage and the property you and your domestic partner acquired before your legal right to marry was recognized, and before you had actually become married.

Rights of Gay and Lesbian Couples.

Gay and Lesbian couples now have much greater rights than existed a few years ago.   Gay and Lesbian people can now marry in California.  Because these recent changes in the law are both new and very dramatic, it is going to take some years before we fully understand how the courts are going to interpret and apply these changes in the law.

Impact of Changes in Federal Tax Law

Recent changes in Federal Tax Law made in 2018 have eliminated the deductibility of Spousal Support for the purposes of Federal Income Tax Law going forward.

  • Retirement and Pension Benefits.  Susan Cohen has helped parties deal with division of Retirement and Pension Benefits for both private employers and government employers.   Many people going through divorce do not realize that Retirement Benefits earned during marriage in California are usually treated as Community Property, in which both parties to the marriage have an equal interest.   Many people going through divorce do not know that in order for a Judgment of Divorce dividing retirement benefits between the parties to be enforceable, special Court Orders, known as Qualified Domestic Relations Orders (QDROs) must be entered as Orders of the Court and Served on the Employer or Retirement Fund, as soon as possible after the Divorce or Legal Separation is final.  Especially in marriages where one party, usually the wife, does not have access during the marriage to information about the Investment and Property Acquired by the other party during the marriage, it is important to investigate what retirement benefits exist, and ensure that retirement interests of each party are considered, and divided in the Divorce Case.


  • Domestic Violence.    Susan Cohen can also help you where there is Domestic Violence in your family or household.  In a Domestic Violence Case, the court can enter restraining orders, issue orders about who can live in the Family Residence, and make orders about Child Custody, Visitation and Support.  For parties who are married, the court may also be able to order Spousal Support.  In a Domestic Violence case the Court can even make orders protecting the family pets.   Domestic Violence Petitions can be filed when people live together, even if they are not legally married.   If you are defending against a Domestic Violence Petition, you need to be aware that if a Judge or Court Commissioner makes Domestic Violence Findings against you, your rights to have Custody and Visitation with your children may be affected.  Susan Cohen can give you caring and determined representation to keep you and your children and pets safe from Domestic Violence.  She can also help protect your rights as a Spouse or Domestic Partner accused of Domestic Violence to visit your children and spend time with your children,  even if Domestic Violence Findings have been entered against you.  Be sure to have a strong and effective advocate at your side.  Ask Susan Cohen help you with your case.


  • Employment Law:  Susan Cohen has experience representing clients in Employment Discrimination cases, Wages and Hours cases, and workplace safety cases (CalOSHA and Federal OSHA – Occupational Health and Safety).


  • Employment DiscriminationSusan Cohen  can help you deal with Discrimination at work, and help you whether you are currently experiencing discrimination in your present work environment, or if you are seeking damages because of Discrimination you experienced in a job you have left.   Susan Cohen has handled Race Discrimination, Color Discrimination, Sex Discrimination, Sexual Harassment, National Origin Discrimination, Religious Discrimination,  Age Discrimination and Disability Discrimination Cases.  She also handles Sexual Orientation Discrimination, and Genetic Information Discrimination cases.  Susan Cohen has litigated Religious Discrimination in Employment cases,  and cases dealing with rights to accommodation for religious beliefs and practices at work.  She has also handled Disability Discrimination cases and cases involving accommodations of Disabilities in the workplace.   She can help you ask your employer to accommodate your religious beliefs at work, or accommodate your disabilities in the workplace.  If your Employer refuses to address your concerns about discrimination,  she is an experienced litigator in the California Courts, as well as in the Federal Courts.


  • EEOC and DFEH RepresentationSusan Cohen can help you take your case before the Federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission or, the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing.   California Discrimination Law also extends protections against Discrimination on the basis of Political Ideology and some other protections as well.    If your Employment Discrimination cannot be resolved through Mediation at the EEOC or through the DFEH process, she can file your case in the California Superior Court or the Federal District Court.   She has handled both EEOC Discrimination Claims, as well as California Department of Fair Employment and Housing cases.  She has litigated Employment Discrimination cases in both state and Federal Courts.


  •  Wages and Hours Law. Susan Cohen also handles Wages and Hours violations, including unpaid overtime and unpaid break time claims.  She can help you if your Employer has retaliated against you for complaining about wages the employer owed you, but has refused to pay in a timely way.  Both California and Federal Law protect your rights to receive timely payment of wages or salary owed to you.  If your employer does not pay you on time, you can recover for the wages that were withheld, and additional damages for the late payment of wages.  You may also be able to get court orders that your Employer pay at least a portion of your Attorney Fees.


  • Occupational Health and Safety under OSHA and CalOSHA LawsSusan Cohen also has experience litigating health and safety issues at work under CalOSHA and OSHA, the California and Federal Occupational Health and Safety laws.   The California Occupational Health and Safety statutes have important protections for you and other people in your workplace.  But bringing CalOSHA cases is difficult and technical.  Susan Cohen has the experience to help you.


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