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Family Law

In Family Law cases Susan Cohen charges clients at an hourly rate.  In setting her hourly rate, and in setting payment plans for her clients, she takes into account the resources of her client, the resources of the other party and the assets and debts of the marriage or domestic partnership.   She also considers whether the court is likely to make an award for child support, as well as whether the court may order Spousal Support.   She can offer sliding fee arrangements, and payment plans in some Family Law cases.  California Law prohibits attorneys from accepting Family Law cases on a Contingent Fee Basis, with some narrow exceptions.

California Family Law gives the Court power to order that the economically stronger spouse to pay some or all of the attorney’s fees of the economically disadvantaged party in many Family Law cases.  Susan Cohen may be able to ask the Court to order your spouse or domestic partner to pay at least some of your attorney’s fees.  The Court can also require a party that has behaved badly during the time the case is before the court to pay a portion of the other party’s attorney’s fees.  There are special rules, and some California Statutes that impact how Attorney’s Fees are awarded in cases with Domestic Violence Findings.


Employment Law

In Employment Law cases, Discrimination  Cases, OSHA and CalOSHA Cases, and Wages and Hours, cases, there are California or Federal Statutes that allow the party who wins in court to ask the Court to order the other party to pay at least some of his or her Attorney’s Fees.  Susan Cohen takes some types of employment cases as Contingent Fee Cases, where the Attorney’s Fee is a percentage, usually 33.33 %, of the Recovery your receive, either by settlement or trial, plus costs you incur.  In some employment cases, especially in negotiating Severance Agreements, she charges for her time at her Hourly Rate, and requires an initial deposit of an Advance Fee as a down payment for her Attorney’s Fees.  She accepts some Severance Package matters as Flat Fee Cases, where she charges a set Flat Fee for her services.

You can contact her at her Sacramento Office at 916-882-0242.

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