Child Custody & Visitation

Child Custody, Child Visitation and Child Support issues are some of the most important, and some of the most difficult issues in any Family Law case, whether it is a Legal Separation, a Divorce, or a Paternity Case.  The issues are always challenging whether the parties are a conventional couple, married husband and wife, or unmarried co-habitants.  As the law evolves to extend more of the rights of marriage to same sex couples, California Judges, Commissioners and Family Court Services Programs are struggling to adapt the traditional family law principles, that evolved to deal with married straight couples, to same sex couples.  There is well developed law in Parentage cases dealing with the rights and responsibilities of unmarried couples.

In California, where we have many people who have immigrated here from countries with different, non-western Legal Traditions, understand how California Family law applies to them, and the tools available in California law to accommodate their religious and cultural beliefs.  I have had experience with obtaining Court Orders from non-Western countries, including Middle Eastern Countries, and having Certified Copies of Foreign Language Child Custody Orders, with Certified Translations into English,  registered in Bay Area County Superior Courts, and enforced and modified under California Law.

One of the most challenging issues in Child Custody and Visitation law is the issue of the ‘Move Away’ of one parent after the divorce is final.  While some Divorce or Legal Separation judgments specifically address ‘Move Away’ Issues, sometimes “Move Away” plans only emerge after the Divorce is final and the Decree is entered.  I can help you find a solution to the conflicts that develop when one spouse decides he or she wants to relocate after divorce, and how you can ask the court to address that change.