Susan Cohen has handled both Domestic Violence Petition cases, and Domestic Violence issues in the context of Dissolution of Marriage or Separation cases.  She understands how profoundly domestic violence impacts you, your safety, the safety and well being of your children.  She knows how important your rights to visit and see your children are to you, and how changes in visitation schedules can impact the amount of Child Support you may have to pay, or are entitled to receive.  Under California Domestic Violence Law,  she can even help you obtain Domestic Violence Protection orders that provide for the safety of your pets, as well as yourself and your children.  In some Domestic Violence Cases she may be able to help you obtain child support, spousal support and orders for which party may live in the Family Home, which party may use which cars,  or other property,  as well as orders for the Payment of Debts and other bills.


You can call Susan Cohen for assistance in how to deal with the challenges of Domestic Violence issues, whether you are married, or in a Domestic Partnership or other long term living together relationship.  You can reach her in Sacramento at 916-882-0242.