Marital Settlement Agreements

California Family Law gives you and your Spouse or Domestic Partner the right to work together to reach Agreements about how to divide the Property of your marriage, including property acquired during the Marriage as Community Property, Businesses you created during the Marriage or Domestic Partnership, and Investments.  Parties can prepare Marital Settlement Agreements, called Pre-Nuptial Agreements, even before they get married, and enter Agreements about how they want to handle property they acquire during the marriage, debts they may incur during the Marriage, and that may also provide for the welfare of any children that either of them has from a prior relationship or who might be born during the marriage.  You can use Pre-Marital Agreements, and Marital Settlement Agreements that you make during your Marriage or Domestic Partnership to plan for your future together as a Family, and to make plans about what you as a couple wish to happen if your Marriage or Domestic Partnership ends in the future, whether by Separation, Dissolution of Marriage or Domestic Partnership, or the death of one of the parties.