The Law Office of Susan G. Cohen is here to help you with  your claims for Discrimination, whether you are concerned about Discrimination at Work that you are experiencing now, or Discrimination that you have experienced in the past.  California and Federal Law both provide important statutory protections against Discrimination at Work.  Discrimination on account of Race, Color, National Origin, Religion,  Sex, Sexual Orientation, Marital Status, or Pregnancy are all illegal  under California and/or Federal Law.  Pregnancy Discrimination is illegal.  Discrimination on account of Age or Disability are also illegal.  Federal Law also protects against Genetic Information Discrimination.  In addition, Discrimination Law has provisions that can require your employer to accommodate your religious beliefs and practices in the workplace.  Discrimination law also requires you employer to engage in dialogue with you about accommodating your disabilities in the workplace.  In addition, both California and Federal law require your employer to take steps to protect you from Harassment in the workplace, on account of your Race, Color, National Origin, Religion, Sex, Marital Status, Age or Disability.  The law on Discrimination also protects you against Pregnancy Discrimination at work, and provides for Leave for Pregnant Women.  Discrimination Law also prohibits retaliation against you because you complain about discrimination against yourself, or are a witness or advocate for someone else in the workplace who has experienced discrimination.  Both Federal Law and California Law protect you against Retaliation from your employer because  you have complained about Discrimination in the workplace.

In Addition, the Equal Pay Act, a Federal Statute, protects you against Discrimination in your pay rate on account of your Sex, Race, Color, National Origin, Religion, Sex, Marital Status or Pregnancy Status.

A Special Federal Statute, the Genetic Information Discrimination Act of 2008 also protects you against discrimination on account of your Genetic Information.

The remedies you may recover if you have been discriminated against include Back Pay (the pay you would have earned in the job if you had not been terminated), Front Pay (Pay you could have earned if you had continued to be Employed).   In some cases you may be able to recover for Emotional Distress Damages, and where the Employer’s Actions are especially malicious or reckless, you may be able to recover punitive damages.  Under Federal Law, there are caps for how much you can recover in damages, linked to the size of your employer.  In many Discrimination cases, you may be able to get court orders requiring your emplo7yer to pay your Attorneys Fees.

For almost all Discrimination Claims you have to obtain a ‘Right to Sue Letter’ from either the Federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, or the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing, before you can file a case in either California Superior Court or the United States District Court.  The only exception is for Equal Pay Act Cases.

the EEOC also has an excellent Early Mediation Program.  In my Employment Law cases, I have been able to use EEOC Mediation  to get a case to an early settlement, within a few months of the time the Client brings the case to my office.

There are important time limits for Discrimination Claims.  For Federal Employment Discrimination Claims, you must file a Discrimination Claim with the EEOC within 300 Days of the actions you are complaining about.  For Employment Discrimination Claims you want to file with the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing, you must file the Discrimination Claim within one year.  If you miss these deadlines you will lose your right to recover damages for the Discrimination you have experienced.

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