Under both California and Federal Discrimination Law, you can bring Discrimination Claims because you have been harassed at work.  California Discrimination Law is broader than Federal Discrimination Law and includes protections for some forms of Discrimination, such as Sexual Orientation Discrimination, Political Ideology Discrimination, and other categories not specifically recognized in Federal Discrimination Law.  But both California and Federal law include very important protections against Harassment related to your Race, Color, National Origin, Religion, Sex, your Pregnancy Status, your Age or any Disabilities.  The remedies available to you under both California and Federal Law include compensatory damages for income you have lost, and emotional distress you have experienced.  In extreme ccases you may also be entitled to recovery Punitive Damages.  Attorney’s Fees are also something you can recover if you take a Discrimination claim to Court, whether in the California Superior Court or the Federal United States District Court.   Call Susan Cohen for help with your concerns about harassment you have experienced at work.  Call Susan G. Cohen  at 916-882-0242, or contact me online to schedule an initial consultation.