Both California Law and Federal Employment Law have important protections to make sure that employees are paid for all of their work they do, and provide for over-time payment when an employee works for more than eight hours in a day, or more than forty hours in a week.  Employers may be responsible for paying time and one half, or even double the regular rate, for work done in excess of the amounts set by the California or Federal Statutes.  But how the work week is determined, and when higher wage rates apply, can vary with the industry.  Some industries like Restaurants, or Health Care, have special rules.  There are different rules for Employees who are defined as Management Level Employees, and who may be paid on a Salary Basis, rather than an hourly basis.  Generally management level employees to not get higher wages for ‘overtime’ although this month there were some important changes in how Federal Law defines and treats management level employees.